Why Choose Hanep Hosting?

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With so many web hosting providers around the globe, choosing a reliable provider is very daunting. To make it easier for you to choose, here are the top reasons why Hanep is right for you.

Plain & Simple Web Hosting

No extra tricks, just pure web hosting. Others may promise excess amount of features that add up to your expenses. Hanep only provides the things that you need to get you moving. You won't only have peace of mind, but your wallet will also be happier.

Industry Standard Tools

As part of the Plain & Simple promise, Hanep's servers only utilizes software that the hosting industry considers the #1 standard. From the operating system (Cloudlinux), to the management system (cPanel/WHM) and to the latest PHP & MySQL versions, you're guaranteed of not only the best, but the most reliable, secure and affordable services.

No Middleman

In comparison to other smaller hosts, Hanep leases its own dedicated servers instead of reselling cPanel accounts. This allows quicker problem resolution from software, hardware and network, without further delay and unnecessary escalation to middleman technical team.

Made For Web Artisans

The reason why Hanep Hosting is affordable is to allow web designers and developers to easily create their projects without extra risks. If they feel that Hanep is no longer enough for their needs, they are free to move and upgrade to other providers. Let Hanep Hosting be your stepping stone.

Simple Pricing

Hanep Hosting has been the home of numerous creative projects for a few years already. With its simple and yearly pricing, you don't have to be inconvenienced of paying monthly.

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