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    How to create a database?
In this tutorial, we will be using MySQL Database Wizard to create your database and a database user. It's more secure to have a separate MySQL user for each of your databases rather than using your c...
    How to connect to my database?
This article assumes that you already have created your database and your database user. To use your database with your applications, use the following configuration: Database server or host: localh...
    How to change my database user password?
1. Log into your cPanel account. 2. Click the MySQL Databases icon. 3. Scroll down to Current Users. 4. Click Change Password beside your database user. 5. Generate a new strong password.
    How to view my database tables?
1. Log into your cPanel account. 2. Click phpMyAdmin. 3. A new window should popup. If it didn't check if your browser is blocking popup windows. 4. At the left hand side, click the + icon beside...
    How to backup & restore my databases?
In this tutorial, you will be using phpMyAdmin to generate a SQL dump for your databases. A dump is a downloadable text file containing queries which you may use later on to restore your database. Thi...

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