Why are my emails not getting delivered?

Posted September 24, 2017

Email providers like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo filter all incoming mails from their system to prevent possible unwanted messages going through their system. During this process, they also blacklist networks, sometimes permanently, if they are suspected to be sending unwanted emails or SPAM. If a network is also sending large volume of emails, they may also be flagged and blacklisted eventually.

It is not uncommon for shared hosting servers to be blacklisted due to multiple factors. A shared hosting server has an unknown reputation. This means that an email provider do not know whether they trust the emails coming from this network as the IP addresses from shared hosting servers can be leased by anyone. Futhermore, large volume of emails from multiple domain names are being sent from a single or a few IP addresses from the server. The characteristics of these emails varies due to the fact that the users of these accounts also varies.

These factors contribute to how email providers blacklist networks in their systems. As these providers blacklist on real time, it's complicated to delist IP addresses. To avoid these problems, large hosting providers have disabled email deliverability from their servers completely like Google Cloud and Softlayer.

The only way to solve these problems is to use a 3rd-party email services like Amazon SES, Mailchannels or Sendgrid wherein they have good network reputation with email providers as they have corporate agreements with them.

If you opt to use 3rd-party services, please contact HanepHosting to have your cPanel username whitelisted from the firewall as external SMTP services are disabled for security purposes.


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