Backups (Resource Usage Policies)

Posted October 19, 2016

Your web hosting service’s control panel is capable of generating backups of your files, databases and emails in a single click of a button. Please use this feature to keep backup copies of your websites in your local and external disks. Due to the large sizes of backups, you may only keep a single copy of your full cPanel backup in your web hosting account. Older backups should be deleted. Instances of multiple backup files may automatically be deleted in your account to decrease disk space usage.

Backup generation consumes many CPU and disk operations, thus, you are suggested to perform this activity during non-peak hours (8PM – 6AM). Any automated backup script is only permitted to run once per week, which also applies to your Softaculous (App Installer) automated backups. Please be mindful that you are sharing CPU and disk with other users.

Hanep Hosting will also generate weekly backups of your website of up to 1GB. If your disk space usage exceeds this size, they will be removed from the backup rotation list. These backups are only to be used in the event of network or hardware failures. Hanep Hosting does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and functionality of these backups. It is important that you take your own backups seriously.

In case you wish to receive a copy of your most recent backup, subject to availability, you may send a support ticket and pay the Php 250 service fee.

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