Acceptable Usage Policy

Posted December 1, 2015

Hanep Hosting services shall strictly be used solely for serving website content. Usage for any other purpose including download and file repositories, game server, public and private proxy, file and backup storage, hotlink resource, mailing list and bulk emailing are prohibited.

The use of Hanep Hosting's services prohibits you from transmitting, distributing, storing and fabricating any type of data, information or material that is listed below or highly similar with their nature. This may include web page contents, e-mails, links to/from internal or external sources, forum or bulletin board posting, chat, music, software, art, advertisements, splash pages or anything that relies with the use of Hanep Hosting's services. The list does not exhausts the ways in which Hanep Hosting's services should not be used.

  • Any material that violates and infringes copyright protection, trademark, patent and intellectual property of a person, business entity or organization
  • Any material that compromises trade secret, confidentiality, privacy and proprietary information of a person, business entity or organization
  • Any material that includes copied or modified content taken without proper permission and approval from, and citation to the author, creator or owner
  • Any pornographic (especially child pornography) material
  • Any material that either advocates or are defamatory, obscene, libelous and tortuous
  • Any material that constitutes, provokes and threatens violence, physical harm, vandalism and terrorist-related activities
  • Any material that is malicious, deceptive and fraudulent in nature which includes, but not limited to, chain letters, pyramid schemes, HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, prescription drug sales, online pharmacies, illegal drugs and racketeering
  • Any type of phishing and forgery activities including illegal collection or mining of personal information, deceptively impersonates a person, a business or an organization, illegally mimics a product or service, and uses or stores fraudulent credit cards
  • Any attempt to breach the security of Hanep Hosting and any other external services, servers or computers
  • Any material that distributes, hosts or promotes SPAM-related activities, and exposes the server to being blacklisted in SPAM databases (e.g. SPAMHAUS)
  • Being a source of, or contributing to denial of service attacks
  • Any files, scripts or programs that contribute to pirated software, hacker and cracking programs or archives, warez, malware, virus software, password crackers and key logging
  • Streaming of audio and video files
  • Usage as VPN server, gaming server, Shoutcast server, grid computing, distributed computing, backup storage, data warehouse and proxy server including HTTP proxy, or any program that is inappropriate for shared hosting environment and that can adversely affect the performance of the server
  • Usage of chat programs, IRC and IRC bots, peer-to-peer software, background daemons like eggdrop, bitchx and xircon, torrent trackers, torrent clients, and RapidLeech or similar software
  • Any material that compromises national security of and violates the laws of the Philippines and United States of America especially illegal gambling and export control laws

Resource Usage Policies

All web hosting services are restricted to the following resource limitations:

Hanep Hosting reserves the right to remove any content with or without notice to you, and to cancel, suspend, terminate, restrict access to services, and forfeit all fees paid if any violation is made.

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