How to fix Google malware warning?

Posted December 1, 2015

Despite all security measures performed in the server regularly, there is still a chance that your website will get compromised especially if:

1. You are using weak passwords including in your cPanel, FTP and email logins

2. You are using an outdated or unsafe script, plugin, module or theme

3. You have improper permissions on your files and directories.


If in any case you get a Google malware warning on your website, make sure to open a support ticket immediately. Your website will be scanned for malwares and all infections will be removed or quarantined.


Things you need to do:

1. Change all your passwords

2. Follow Google's guide on how to clean unwanted files and investigate the attack >

3. Request for another Google review on your website


Other recommended steps:

1. Check your script vendor's website for security tips and perform them. Some will ask you to move administrative pages and directories to other locations or even rename them.

2. Install lightweight plugins or modules that will increase the security defenses of your website application. One is enough so make sure to choose the best possible plugin. Do not install many security-related plugins, it will only do your website harm.

3. Read security advisories regularly. Install patches or new versions that fixes bugs and security issues immediately.

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