How to backup & restore my databases?

Posted December 1, 2015

In this tutorial, you will be using phpMyAdmin to generate a SQL dump for your databases. A dump is a downloadable text file containing queries which you may use later on to restore your database. This is good for taking backups of your databases.


Let's get started by backing up your database.

1. First, open your database table using phpMyAdmin.

2. At the menu bar from the top, select Export.

3. Select a format. The default SQL is what we need. Press Go to proceed.

4. The system will generate a download file with a .sql file extension. Save this to your computer.


To restore your database from a SQL dump file, follow these steps.

1. Click Import from the top menu bar while still in phpMyAdmin.

2. Use the file browser to locate your .sql file.

3. Press Go. This may take a while specially if you have a large database.

4. Verify your tables. You're done!

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