Emails (Resource Usage Policies)

Posted December 1, 2015

Email is a value-added feature bundled with your web hosting service. This service shall only be utilized as a standard electronic communication device and is not intended to be an alternative for bulk email and transactional email services. Please check Mailchimp, MailGun, Sendgrid or Amazon SES for these types of services. It is also not a viable alternative for organizational or enterprise email. Please refer to Google Apps for Work, Zoho Mail or Microsoft Exchange.

Some 3rd-party email services may require your account to be whitelisted in the firewall’s SMTP relay settings.

You are not permitted to use your web hosting service to organize and send mailing lists or newsletters, and any kind of bulk emailing regardless of size. This limit extends whether your subscription method is opt-in or not, and to your TO, CC and BCC recipient lists. You may have a maximum of 25 email accounts in your account.

External retrieval of email through IMAP or POP3 may cause high I/O and CPU usage. In order to avoid these issues, please regularly archive old inbox messages, and clean up drafts, sent and draft folders. You are limited to use up to 1GB of storage per email account.

Hanep Hosting strictly implements its Zero SPAM Tolerance Policy. Your maximum outgoing email limit is 60 messages per hour. Mass emailing may cause the server to be listed on reputable anti-spam networks, which may incapacitate any other users to further send legitimate emails. 

The Zero SPAM Tolerance Policy also extends to, but not limited to, the following:

1.Unintended mass mailing usually caused by compromised websites and scripts: This is common with dormant Wordpress sites and unreliable themes and plugins. It is your responsibility to keep your applications and scripts updated, and to evaluate themes and plugins whether they are safe for production use.

2.Compromised inactive or unsecure email accounts: Please make sure to delete any inactive email accounts that you no longer use, and to use good and complex passwords.

3.Email forwarding: This feature has been disabled to alleviate SPAM incidents. 

Any account found to have violated or abused these provisions will automatically be terminated from the server.

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